I used to own it but it gave me headaches and whenever I smell it on someone, there is nothing pretty to me about it, more like ''i just walked out of a factory''. To get started finding Indochine La Vie Est Belle Lyrics Genius Lyrics , you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. I threw my samples directly into the garbage because I needed to get the smell out of my house. Join Facebook to connect with La Vie Est Belle and others you may know. I honestly don't see how HSN, could say that this is on the way to becoming the Number 1 perfume in The United States, I feel like that belongs to Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, that's the best perfume that has come out in the past 10 years, and I have owned over 1,000 different bottles of perfume in my life, have smelled many more than that. Not only I wear it, but also I spritz some on my pillow at night and then fall sleep wonderfully. However for me it has been positive. 1. It created a new genre of fragrances inspired by it. For this reason, it will always be special. La Vie Est Belle has fragrance notes of iris spring flowers and the intoxicating earthiness of patchouli. Oh well... who cares? I can also smell praline. I knew of it of course but was never drawn to try it and knew no one who wore it. Massive hit from Lancome. I often layered Mugler Angel with the exclamation and got a scent extremely similar to this, which I love.. imagine my delight when I discovered LVEB. Until about 7 weeks ago I had never experienced this perfume. I can barely breathe wearing this, with only 4 sprays. You either love it or hate it. Sweet, elegant and feminine scent! A philosophy of life and happiness or universal declaration to the beauty of life. It makes me horrendously ill...it seems like it would be sweet but it seems sour or bitter. I liked the original formulation, it was very floral and nice. Trust me, I had sworn off all knockoffs until I found la rive and armaf! Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. But then seeing it everywhere and giving it a second and third chance I realised I needed to have it. There is absolutely nothing I enjoy about this fragrance. Sweet, feminine, intense and durable. At first, I didn't like it, it was too heavy (patchouli), too sweet for me. Maybe my sample was off? Absolutely NOT for the workplace and for a hot day. After years of liking and being unable to wear certain perfumes due to my skin literally eating them up or causing allergies, I can’t be bothered trying to convince myself or pay for perfumes which unfortunately don’t work on me. Its actually too sweet and cloying on my skin. La vie est belle même si c’est vrai qu’parfois le destin s’en écarte, oui s’en écarte. If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. The marketing campaign on this was very good, I was drawn in by the fact that Julia Roberts was the face, whether she actually wears it or not. The sweetness is syrupy to me. I know it repulses some and others say it’s headache and even nausea inducing, and I could see how that maybe the case for some if you don’t take to sweetness — just not for me. I’m not into floral perfumes and thankfully this one isn’t too floral. It's quite difficult to distinguish the notes in this one; I'd say it smells like blackcurrant, orange blossom and vanilla. Versions that are currently available for sale have the inscription La vie est belle on the atomizer. My husband has purchased this scent for me for Christmas. SHOP LA VIE EST BELLE: http://bit.ly/2ipclyXLa vie est belle is a French expression meaning life is beautiful.1. The Iris in this perfume is too much for me, don't get me wrong I love the Iris in Anna Sui's first perfume that came out in 1999, this is just too over the top. I went from dislike to like to love then again dislike. One spray on my wrist made my whole house smell like La Vie est Belle. I just wished it wasn't that popular. I like the scent quite a lot on its own merits, too. Nothing special whatsoever except that it is so strong. I love the original LVEB. It opens with a sugary fruit on me. La Vie Est Belle. And why do so many people wear it? It also really surprised me, mostly with how much I liked it. The scent itself might not be that bad but I really can't tolerate it. I am quite sensitive to patchouli in fragrances and I can definitely say that I can smell the patchouli in this. Beast mode scent.. when it came out it was one of a kind. La Vie Est Belle was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. packaging is gorg too. The floral part is simply too strong for me and the dry down isn’t special enough. The patchouli is very soft in the drydown. Smelling this fragrance reminds me of that gross scene in Elf where Will Farrell eats spaghetti with maple syrup and smarties and marshmallows all scrambled together... puke-inducing. Ok wow. As others mention and from my recollection I used to spray twice and that was enough, but now on my skin it’s less potent. Such a classic, beautiful scent! I don’t like overly sweet fragrances but to me LVEB isn’t really *that* sweet. This is perfectly balanced fragrance, super feminine and long lasting. And there it remains. It's definitely a crowd pleaser that suits all ages. Other popular fragrances like Flowerbomb, La Nuit Tresor, and Black Opium share a similar vibe but LVEB is unmistakable. I did smell a sample of LVEB Intense and went on to buy this but was SO disappointed. Technically perfect. Because the smell really IS that good . It was my guilty pleasure for home use. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome for Women 3.4 oz L'Eau de Parfum Spray. Like, I can smell it on my sheets when I wash them at the end of the week strong. It is a very well blended fragrance, however after spraying some today at a Lancome counter, it doesn’t smell the same anymore on me. I know it's both widely loved and widely hated, but I love that he put thought and effort into choosing something we both would like. I get no pear, no “lactonic”, and definitely no patchouli. But only if you use 2 spritz. The vanilla does start to amp up further into the dry down. I usually don't mind very sweet perfumes, but I can't stand super synthetic sickly sweet ones and this is unfortunately one of them. I have mixed feelings about this perfume. There is nothing particularly special about it in my opinion. Online right now: 2054, Fragrantica in your language: I love trying different perfumes and can bounce around with scents a lot. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. This perfume is lovely, but it did not smell good on me. My Chanel Gabrielle Essence bottle broke, so I have transferred the juice into a bottle previously used for La Vie Est Belle. i thought the bottle and descriptors as sweet and feminine but this is so spicy to me i cant wear it. Got this as a gift from my husband and have been wearing it everyday, except on very hot days. That deep intoxicating smell I loved is gone and it is now a very weak copy of what it used to be. It amuses me all the reviews complaining everyone wears it so that somehow reduces the appeal of it. When I first smelt this fragrances it was very sweet to me but when it settled down it’s lovely and it’s amazing smell it on someone on the street. There is nothing beautiful about this scent, it’s agressive and brutal, eternal (why is it that the worst smells bear the longest) and immature. No matter how common this fragrance is, I just can’t get rid of it. Warm sweetness with a layer of flowers: feminine. I do still wear this occasionally. It can remember flower bomb but LA VIE EST BELLE is much more feminine and smooth fragrance, Beautiful strong sweet smelling. Nothing else. I have fallen in love while wearing this fragrance, the complements I have received from this fragrance is unreal as well. It turns on me after a little bit of time. So, if you want a very sweet perfume that has beast sillage and performance, this one is for you. That's the impression this perfume has had on me from the first time I smelled it. Plus the patchouli dry down is not my favorite. this perfume is a disaster. Then vanilla. La Vie Est Belle is a Masterpiece. Disappointed :(. it cost me around $130 for a 30ml here in New Zealand. Rating: 0/10 - ‎4 reviews I pretty much like most fragrances and I am excited to wear this on a date night for both of us. I love it! I haven’t found ONE that matches up to the beauty of La Vie Est Belle. 3. Quality is great. i got a sample of this a while back and only just tested it. De la gourmandise et la saveur de la truffe : voila la promesse de ce risotto. One of the most well rounded beautiful fragrances. Happening upon a young girl, Julia gifts her the box, accompanied by a warm embrace. When my bottle is finished, I will look at the flankers. No matter your age, I believe you must try this perfume at least twice in your life, even if you don't care for it at first. I still reach for it from time to time especially for nights out as it lasts very well. Test this one before you buy it because it is not a neutral - for all skins fragrance. Plus some kind of minty herb which is probably patchouli but smells camphorous. !” It’s dominated by the praline and fruity notes with patchouli in the background. haha! Well, things sure have changed. This reminds me of a modern age no. True olfactory hardcore! This one gets compared to V+F Flowerbomb a lot. Or perhaps some people really just don’t like sweet perfumes. The same way that salt is not a stand-in for actual seasoning, sugar is not a stand-in for flavorings and this fragrance seems to have none. This would be best worn during autumn season, IMHO. This is a bright clean, loud fruity fragrance upon first spray, the same way Oscar by Oscar de la Renta is a bright loud fragrance upon its initial spray. I'm a male and I wear this shite lmao, to me it's smells very vanilla with a hint of praline and Tonka bean . And the smell itself has changed. Comes out loud and synthetic. Somehow, the absence has made me appreciate its strong points. You can wear this in ANY occasion or weather. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! Extremely balanced gourmand! I have both, and I have to say I definitely prefer Flowerbomb. Just...no! She is classy but not a snob, she is sweet, but not an easy catch, she announces herself when she walks in the room and demands respect. Best price guaranteed. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! As a man who loves the way a sexy, confident woman smells, this is it. Fast forward a few years and I have many gourmand perfumes. This is going to be a pass for me.

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