However, the dealership also mentioned a choice of 205/45 R17 88V G1. Which one would you think suit me (or the car) better? lap time), Pirelli® P ZERO™ PZ4 (40.24 sec. 2019-05-05 - I am driving 2008 Audi A5 1.8 TFSI 170 FWD and I can't decide whether to go for Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/40 ZR18 (93Y) or Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/40 ZR18 93Y AO. Don't know if it handles more as my car simply at its max. exhilarating ride, as the world’s best performing street tire. avg. I've not tested them back to back so I'm unsure which would be more comfortable, but if I had to guess based on experience I would say the P Zero PZ4 would be slightly more comfortable than the Pilot Sport 4. Is it available and from where? 4% better dry braking, 5% better wet braking, and 10% more snow traction compared to the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport A/S 3+. of ultra-high performance tires. Michelin have created the Pilot Sport 4 S with an ultra-reactive tread pattern design, adapting continuously to the road - in order to deliver an optimised surface footprint. Make the most of your sports car with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. Dynamically they're good but subjectively only OK & I just put that down to the S3's general inertness, but the Wintrac Pros are definitely subjectively better than the PS4. I bought the Pilot Sport 4s because of the reviews and a few people recommending them to me (one of which was a fellow TT quattro owner) but I can only say that I've been nothing other than disappointed with these. I drive over 40K per year and I cannot fault this tyre. 3 offer good ride but currently I have Potenza S001 at front PS3 rear so concerned about softer sidewall of Goodyears. PILOT SPORT 4 S. Passenger Car. Actual on-road results may vary. EXPERIENCE PERFORMANCE MADE TO LAST The MICHELIN ® Pilot ® Sport All Season 4 is the longest-lasting Ultra-High Performance all-season tire among leading competitors. From the track to the street, perform on The tire that excels in faster and more consistent lap times. I'd like to extract more sportiness and feel out of the car while retaining a solid and safe daily driver with nice comfort and low noise. So given I want decent performance on track, do I go Cup2 or would these non "S" PS4's be ok? Speed index of V should be sufficient for the car (240km/h rated tyre should be fine for the car's 214km/h top speed). 2016-10-13 - I am about to change my tyres on my merc E220. The differences between the Pilot Sport 4 and PremiumContact 6 are now so small both tyres will be an excellent option if available in your size. Is this tyre too good for this car . stopping distance) versus the Bridgestone® Potenza™ S-04 Pole Position™ (119.4 ft. avg. 2018-10-29 - I going to replace my Jaguer XF3.0 tyre, previously I tried Pzero and Pilot Super sport. Without specific testing it is too difficult to answer properly, however it's worth noting you will have to declare the new tyre size as a modification to your insurance company which is reason enough to stay with the OE size. Help millions of other tyre buyers. tires. - slightly increased noise after long life, but still much acceptable. I feel it not coumicative, and on the fast straight I find a little vagueness in the center if I move left/right of few cm on the steering (with pressure at 2.3 bar) Based upon commissioned 3rd party testing conducted by TUV Automotive and DEKRA Test Center of Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport vs. Bridgestone® Potenza™ RE050A, Continental® ContiSportContact™ 5P, Dunlop® SP Sport Maxx® GT, Goodyear® Eagle® F1 Asymmetric and Pirelli® P Zero™ tires. I heard a few complaints about the PS4-s behaving jelly-like when pushed. Whatever the conditions outside, you are free to drive. I can't recommend anything specific, but a small amount of over inflation can help with steering response. lap time), and Goodyear® Eagle® F1 Asymmetric 3 (38.52 sec. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 vs Pilot Sport 4 S vs Cup 2. Based on internal dry braking tests from 60 mph to 0 mph comparing the MICHELIN® PILOT® Sport 4 S (106.0 ft. avg. The Pilot Sport 4 is the direct replacement of the Pilot Sport 3, but Michelin moved the game on so much with regards to sporty handling and feel of the tyre it deserves to be in the higher category. In this case, I'd go with a normal, non g1 fitment. Zjistěte všechno o závodních pneumatikách Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, vyvinutých ve spolupráci s firmami AMG, Porsche a Ferrari. It is made in total of 139 sizes, 195/45 R17 being the smallest and 325/30 R21 the largest. Michelin's website recommends 205/45 ZR17 (88Y) DT1, 205/45 ZR17 88W or 205/45 ZR17 (88Y). ... within the new tire’s construction to cover a range of driving conditions. Pilot Sport 4 is made in Germany, France, Spain and Italy (in that order predominantly) but may be the odd ones from other plants. Do you think these will behave ok with the standard fit Hankook Ventus S1evo2 that are on the back? (225/40R18 92Y). The PS4 won't feel as sporty as the Pilot Super Sport, but will certainly more comfortable and quieter and it has excellent wet grip, so would be a good choice for your Jag. Developed in partnership with AMG, Porsche and Ferrari. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 is a Trackday tire with asymmetrical pattern tread, designed for Pasenger cars and recomended for competition events only. My Audi A4 Quattro needs only Front Tyres at the moment. I've to buy winter tires, or can I go with this Michelin all of the year? It's an interesting question. Shave up to .8 seconds per mile on the racetrack. So whether that's slight performance degrading already on the PS4 despite hardly any wear I'm not sure, I certainly wasn't expecting that. 4th place in Noise test. avg. Excellent steering control and improved handling, Legal for 'street category' racing classes. Based in internal braking and snow tests conducted in tire size 245/40ZR18, using a 2015 BMW 328i. This test should answer your questions. The fuel economy is important to me. Based on commissioned third-party testing conducted by DEKRA at the DEKRA Test Center in Narbonne, France versus the MICHELIN® PILOT® Super Sport in tire size 255/35ZR19 using a 2015 Audi A4, 2.0 TDI, FWD. Fronts with plenty wear left but I may only see 10,000 from them. 2018-05-07 - Hello. Pilot Sport 4 in 1st place, Premium Contact 6 in 3rd, using your size. Compatible with MICHELIN® Track Connect. So for the S3 I didn't know whether to go PS4 or PC6, but after forum research & also because the PS4 are a newer design I went with the Michelin. 2019-10-22 - Hi guys, i'm driving a Ford Fiesta MK8 with this Michelin Pilot Sport 4. In terms of safety, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres are the number 1 sport tyre in terms of dry and wet braking. It's an interesting question. 2016-08-08 - Which is the country origin of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 , 245/45/17 ? I'm about to replace the Michelin Energy tires on my VW Golf5. If you're coming from a more dry / track focused tyre, you might find you lose some steering feel with the Pilot Sport 4, but gain comfort. lap time) in tire size 235/35ZR19 91Y using a 2015 BMW 328i. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire has Maximum Combined Performance - 1st in dry lap time, 1st in dry braking, 1st in wet lap time, and 1st in wet braking. What di you recommend?? I know Goodyear Asmm. To verify you're human please type the word you see above in the box below. I have opted for the reviews on the Michelin Pilot sport 4 but cannot find a 225/50/R17 /98W or Y. stopping distance), and Goodyear® Eagle® F1 Asymmetric 3 (108.4 ft. avg. No aquaplaning on wet roads ... slow wearing ..... and comfort. 2017-08-17 - I am driving 2013 BMW 330D Xdrive with dimensions 225/45/R18 and I cant decide is it better to purchase Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or Continental Premium Contact 6??? Ferrari 458 Speciale. Incredibly little aquaplaning. Im aware that a road tyre in this size, no matter the brand, wont give the kind of feedback as a smaller sidewall variant with a bigger wheel would, so that behaviour might still be the same with a PC6-s in the same size. - Feeling of safe everywhere (but not on a pile of nails!) The Pilot Sport 4 S is the "Max Performance" as it is the direct replacement for the Pilot Super Sport. Based on internal wet braking tests from 50 mph to 0 mph comparing the MICHELIN® PILOT® Sport 4 S (97.0 ft. avg. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S is designed for sports cars and high performance saloons, offering unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to its exceptional steering precision and directional stability. Nice tyre no problems with grip or handling on my Jaguar S type but not long lasting for me on the rear. 2019-08-19 - There I have a VW Mk5 GTI (FWD) with coilover suspension and the car is modified around 300hp, I mainly drive on the road and would like to do a bit of track during the year (also we have around 185 days of rain in average per year). The new MICHELIN ® Pilot ® Sport All Season 4. 1 ** ELEVATE YOUR POTENTIAL IN ALL SEASONS 4% better dry braking, 5% better wet braking and 10% more snow traction than the MICHELIN ® Pilot ® Sport A/S 3+ tire. Tyre review data from 200 tyre reviews averaging 84% over 1,825,458 miles driven. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire has Maximum Combined Performance - 1st in dry lap time, 1st in dry braking, 1st in wet lap time, and 1st in wet braking. More sizes are being produced all the time. We recommend to fit matching G1s on the same axle, or a set of 4 for all wheel drive. Exclusive Helio+ Technology that’s built to stick even in the cold. Yes, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is both quiet and comfortable. There are quieter tyres on the market however you would lose some sporty feel, which is important on a car like the MX5. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S is the new best summer tire. I am looking only for the best tyre! How does the fuel economy of the Pilot Sport 4 compare with the original factory fitted Bridgestone Ecopia. Generally with OE marked tyres it's recommended to go with the correct version where possible as this will have been tuned to work with the vehicle suspension etc. 2020 Tyre Market Overview Braking Test - 1st of 49 tyres, 2020 ADAC 18 Inch Summer Tyre Test - 1st of 16 tyres, 2020 Auto Bild Summer Tyre Test - 3rd of 20 tyres, 2016-06-21 - I have a Nissan Leaf (electric). According to the test results Michelin Pilot Sport 4 took 1st place and got an expert score “highly recommended”. Here is the response from Michelin: It is great tyre overall .... good on both wet and dry conditions ... great at cornering .... OE dimensions 265/35-20 on front axle & 325/30-21 on rear axle. all roads with our legendary collection 7.3 seconds faster after 10 lap session. Get ready for journeys of sheer driving pleasure in safety, with tyres that instinctively translate your decisions onto the road. I once drove all the way on 500km rainy motorway and it didn't differ with dry up to 140 kph. Actual on-road results may vary. amazing tyres and have used various other brands. Look for thicker sidewall if possible. The PSS has the edge in dry grip, feedback and track day work, but if you're using the tyre on the road you won't be disappointed with the PS4. Up to 12% better handling than leading competitors, Up to 2x longer lasting than leading competitors, Faster on a dry track - 1.8 seconds per laps, Faster on a wet track - 1.2 seconds per laps. Key Features. The Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 has 59 sizes available as of July 1. Copyright © 2021 Michelin North America Inc. All rights reserved. lap time) versus the Bridgestone® Potenza™ S-04 Pole Position™ (38.65 sec. In the past, I regretted fitting mid range tyres. Thanks. On the track or on the street, the highest-caliber cars deserve the highest-quality tires. stopping distance), Pirelli® P ZERO™ PZ4 (112.9 ft. avg. Pilot Sport Cup 2 R - The laptime smasher! Would there be any differences? stopping distance) versus the Bridgestone® Potenza™ S-04 Pole Position™ (112.6 ft. avg. Stops up to 3.7 metres shorter than competitor brands on the market. 2018-06-15 - Hi guys! The Pilot Sport 4 is the direct replacement of the Pilot Sport 3, but Michelin moved the game on so much with regards to sporty handling and feel of the tyre it … Are you sure you want to remove the following item from your cart? We know from testing we've done, we don't have the big differences with identical tyres made in different plants that some manufacturers have. “The Pilot Sport 4 S was good in the wet and outstanding in the dry, setting the fastest dry lap time and topping our subjective ratings on track and on the road route, where it impressed with superb steering feel and feedback and ride comfort. Developed in partnership with SLS AMG Coupé Black Series, Porsche 918 Spyder and 911 GT3, and Also, would up-sizing to a 245 width increase the size of said rim protection? Well worth the money and you will not be disappointed. - Aesthetically pleasing tyres BUT they are only 19 inch at the moment right? 2017-11-14 - BMW 318i with Contipremiumcontact 2, im looking to get some new tires didn't mind how these handled although they had slight under steer in wet if pushed im looking at PS4 and the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance only problem is the PS4 dont come in the current size on the car and the Goodyears do. If steering precision is your drive above all else, something like the Vredestein Vorti R might be a good tyre to look into. Competition in the sport’s tyre segment is rife, while Continental has just launched the SportContact 6, Michelin is currently presenting the latest addition to its Pilot Sport range. This model is the successor to the hugely popular and appreciated Michelin Pilot Sport 3. These tyres offer the perfect blend of ultra-high performance and extremely high levels of safety. MICHELIN PILOT SPORT CUP 2 R. Passenger Car Sport Car The tyre dedicated to excel in tracks laptime and still road legal. The Pilot® Sport A/S 3+ is Michelin's ultimate ultra high performance all‑season tire. Great wet grip & dry grip but having now refitted my winter Vredestein Wintrac Pros on the S3 what surprised me was the ride quality, quietness & steering feel are all slightly improved on the Wintrac Pros over the PS4, but I didn't notice the reverse when the PS4 went on new. New mix of compound provides excellent wet grip and braking; Ultra-reactive tread design, adapts continuously to the road for optimised footprint on the road; Wide and deep longitudinal grooves ensure a high level of drainage on wet roads. Actual on-road results may vary. Získejte je u prodejce pneumatik Michelin. We suggest looking at our video comparing all three Michelin Pilot tyres here. I used them for a winter, and seems they went very cool. Based on internal dry braking tests from 60 mph versus the Continental® ExtremeContact™ DW tire size 225/45ZR17, using a 2015 BMW 328i. In 99% of cases, the newer PS4 is the better tyre. I only drive 4000kms in the summer, rarely spirited, so wear is not a concern. lap time) in tire size 235/35ZR19 91Y using a 2015 BMW 328i. avg. avg. avg. Passenger/Light Truck: Bridgestone … lap time), Continental® ExtremeContact™ Sport (40.03 sec. Have YOU got experience with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4? I would like to fit Pilot Sport 4. lap time), Continental® ExtremeContact™ Sport (38.87 sec. Aiming for the Pilot Sport 4 or the PremiumContact 6. Basically tyres that suits how I drive. However on my mapped Yeti 170tdi 4x4 I've run factory fit Dunlop SP01 (OK) Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance (never again) then Continental Sportcontact 5s which were great & PremiumContact 6 which are absolutely ace tyres on that car. 2016-05-21 - Are the pilot sport ok for a lotus evora 2009 na? The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 tyre's ultra-reactive tread pattern design adapts continuously to the road for optimised footprint while driving. One of the most common questions submitted to Tyre Reviews is asking the differences between the Michelin performance tyre range, specifically the differences between the Michelin Pilot Sport 4, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.. But due to the low miles, and the good test, I feel like giving the 510s a try. stopping distance), and Goodyear® Eagle® F1 Asymmetric 3 (115.2 ft. avg. avg. Complete waste of money! Endless grip at dry / damp / wet. Based on internal braking tests from 50 mph (wet braking) and 60 mph (dry braking) versus the Bridgestone® Potenza™ RE970AS Pole Position™, Continental® ExtremeContact™ DWS06, Pirelli® P ZERO™ ALL SEASON Plus, Goodyear® Eagle® F1 Asymmetric All-Season, Hankook ventus S1 noble2, and Yokohama® ADVAN Sport® A/S in tire size 225/45ZR17, using a 2015 BMW 328i. avg. The Golf is not a sports car but since i dont wear tyres too fast, the price premium is not that much considering the relative small 205/55 R16 size, so both fits within my budget. I own a '06 Mercedes E550. I barely dare to overtake now when the roads are dry let alone when they are wet because these tyres just don't grip very well at all and has sent me fishtailing on a few occasions. Internal Study at Nardo conducted by Michelin in January 2018 with a PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS. 2020-05-30 - Do you think that jelly sensation that a lat o people talk about when the tyre are pushed very hard, is it solved by choosing the ZP (run flat) model (that should have the side wall reinforced)? Measured -2.9sec/lap vs MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport Cup 2. Track performance made to last. May AO tire be "outdated" in 2019? Actual on-road results may vary. stopping distance), Continental® ExtremeContact™ Sport (115.9 ft. avg. The best of the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tyre further enhanced by MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre innovations. ROAD EXHILIRATION MADE TO LAST. My question is would there be a benefit coming down from 225/50/16 to 205/55/16 so i can fit these tires are they really that much better in the wet/dry/ect... that the loss of with wont matter. I had Uniroyal Rainsport 3 tyres prior to purchasing a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and the two don't even compare. I used to be able to throw my car around roundabouts and country roads in both wet and dry weather without a single worry but since I got the Michelin tyres I have had to calm my driving style drastically! 2nd place in Wear resistance. Based on internal dry circuit lap time tests comparing the MICHELIN® PILOT® Sport 4 S (39.25 sec. Design that stands out from the crowd. The Pilot Sport 4S features Michelin 'Dynamic Response' technology – made from a hybrid belt of aramid and nylon to provide motorists with optimum handling performance. 2019-12-02 - I want to replace the standard Bridgestone Potenza's on my MX-5 ND 2.0 with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 but which exact spec is best?

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